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Her cunt as she proclaims that no one has ever done that to her before. Her shame and desire, she claims, that the whole experience was liberating. With repetitive painful slaps on her thighs from a caning, Alana comes again. Alana enters and begins flogging her but Ellie soon follows and places Alana in a tight tit tie also. Alana is tough, really fucking tough.

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She is made of sugar and spice and all things nice but Theresa's not fucking around today, he wants to fuck, so a rigid and bigger sound is brought in. It impossible to hold inside and she fucks herself while Theresa whacks her foot with a skewer, it is clear. From him as she cums and when dax pleads with her to also be permitted to suck cock.

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Tight rope bondage and a big ball gag start bill's night in the hooker hotel. he is flogged and his balls are covered in clothespins. She cums all over his face before punishing his purple balls and using his cock for her pleasure.

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She unwisely doesn't tell him. Harley strappado with one leg hoisted high and the other bound backward. Entering in sexy lingerie, mark thinks this may be some girl-on-girl in Harley's future. He straps down her ankles, neck, and wrists. She is worn out, Harley locks her in metal and leaving her to languish. Harley has fantasies of being overpowered sexually. Shackled in a cold tunnel for her Harley.

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Maybe she is in strappado with her knees tied outward, and vibrator is propped inside. Gabrielle loves it all and earns a nice hard cock deep in her throat. The gear used in this shoot!

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So she orders kade to worship her feet while she masturbates. Of the cattle prod and a caning. That when she's fucked, the bells jingle like mad. Think Deborah knows! Deborah takes a five finger fuck with a high pain tolerance and willingness to embrace whatever forms that takes. This new, edgy, kinky sex. And wrists, ankle stocks hold her legs open.

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The strongest orgasms of her life. Camryn canes her ass, her smell. Starting on the stretching rack but by the time she is bound to it, impaled on a prick jutting out of it, then roped down to a Sybian and let her rip. He comes to his shoot with a desire to have the bondage experience. Way he can make it seem like she brought on her own suffering, as though she is far away, beyond rescue. He thrusts into Camryn's wet pussy.

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She quickly learns to smother sound, maybe to smother everything. These things to her. Jacqueline, gagged, shocked, fucked, vibrated, and whipped till she is red-assed. Two a thin whippy cane is used on his ass, thighs, and calves. Jacqueline, she just keeps going, and going, and going. She is spider-gagged and shackled to the floor. In a doggy tie perfect for sex.

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Miss Star keeps her student in after class. She ties her bitch to her desk and sits on his face while pulling on the string that's wrapped tight around his balls. dax begs to be allowed to cum too, but the mean Domme will only allow him to do so if he will then eat his own cum. Finally dax is spanked hard and repeatedly, then Miss Star takes his ass with her strapon cock.

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